WATCH: Math Professor Pulls off April Fool’s Day Prank–His Projection Screen Is on Fire

April Fools Trick YouTube

A college math professor went high-tech when he decided to play an April Fool’s Day prank on his students.

In this video from YouTube, Professor Matthew Weathers tricks his students into thinking his projection screen is on fire with some very impressive video-editing skills.

According to the Daily Mail, the prank was filmed at Biola University in California. The prank begins with the professor pretending to “accidentally” mark his projector screen with a whiteboard marker.

He tries to wipe away the mark, but when he fails to do so, he pulls up a pre-recorded video of himself.

His students start shouting, “What!” and begin to laugh as the video recording tries to remove the mark with an image of a cat.

He then grabs a lightsaber from a Star Wars clip and “cuts” out a section of the screen.

“I think the lightsaber was too hot!” the professor says, as the screen behind him appears to catch on fire.

The students in the room erupted in applause once the video came to an end.


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