San Francisco Gay Pride, Like Los Angeles, Is About ‘Resistance’

San Francisco Gay Pride parade resist (Elivah Nouvelage / Getty)
Elivah Nouvelage / Getty

The San Francisco Gay Pride Parade this past weekend was just as political as the Los Angeles “#ResistMarch” the week before, fueled by the left’s hatred for President Donald Trump.

According to the San Jose Mercury News, protesters wore rainbow tutus and danced to electronic music as they rallied outside City Hall and held signs that read “No Ban, No Wall, Welcome Sisters and Brothers.”

Other causes were also evident. Some attendees reportedly wore white and painted their crotches red — to represent the color of oxidized blood — and held up signs protesting male and female circumcision.

Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) and male circumcision are not comparable.

Indivisible San Francisco, the local chapter of a national activist effort against Trump, also participated in the event:

According to the Mercury News, some attendees and protesters see “threats to gay rights in the Trump era.

Frank Reyes said he and his husband decided to march for the first time in many years because they felt a need to stand up for their rights. The couple joined the “resistance contingent,” which led the parade and included representatives from several activist organizations.

“We have to be as visible as possible,” said Reyes, wearing a silver body suit and gray and purple headpiece decorated with rhinestones.

“Things are changing quickly and we have to take a stand and be noticed,” Reyes’ husband, Paul Brady, added. “We want to let everybody know that we love each other, that we pay taxes and that we’re Americans, too.”

Earlier this month, the Hollywod “Resist March” reportedly saw thousands turn out with profane signs and messages attacking the president, the Republican Party, and conservatives in general in the overpopulated deep blue state of California, where Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton received 8 million votes.

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