‘Stop the Poop’ Protesters Target Mexican Consulate Over Cross-Border Sewage Spills

Stop the Poop (Cheryl Quinones / Facebook)
Cheryl Quinones / Facebook

About a dozen concerned residents of the southern San Diego County border town of Imperial Beach gathered in front of the Mexican Consulate on Thursday to complain about illegal sewage spills across the border in a protest dubbed “Stop the Poop.”

According to local San Diego ABC affiliate KGTV, “Stop the Poop” founder Baron Partlow said the group’s concerns had been ignored for too long.

KGTV reports that Partlow led the march in front of the Mexican Consulate in Little Italy Thursday morning, wearing a shirt that read “#StopthePoop Stop Mexican Sewage and Toxic Waste,” as the group chanted, “no Mexican sewage!”

Patrols started the group after the latest incident this past February, when the release of 230 million gallons of raw sewage for 17 straight days into the Tijuana River forced San Diego officials to shut down local beaches.

Since Mexican environmental officials have been largely unresponsive to complaints and inquiries from his group of Tijuana River Valley residents — only confirming that the latest incident in June was caused by a pipe that burst on the Mexican side — Portlow decided to march on the Mexican Consulate to draw attention to the situation.

His hope is that someone in authority on either the side of the border will do something to resolve the environmental crisis so residents can go back to enjoying Imperial Beach again.

“I’m a world-class body surfer, and I can’t even go to my beach,” Partlow told KGTV. “I have a grandson who I would love to be taking to the beach and instructing him on all aspects of ocean recreation, ocean appreciation and how to swim in the ocean and I can’t do it at my beach.”

The Mexican Consulate did not respond to calls from Breitbart News for comment.

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