Bay Area Residents Seek Exodus to Sacramento

Sacramento River (Pacific Southwest Region USFWS / Flickr / CC / Cropped)

Soaring living costs throughout California over the past several years have pushed Bay Area residents to relocate to one of the last affordable cities in the Golden State: Sacramento, California’s inland capital.

“It’s becoming a place for the next generation to live,” Sacramento Mayor Darrell Steinberg told the East Bay Times.

Sacramento was reportedly the fastest-growing big city in California in 2016, a growth largely attributed to the Bay Area’s mass exodus. The Times notes that Sacramento and the surrounding region “has become the top destination in the country — ahead of trendy Seattle and Portland — for those looking to flee the jammed roads and high costs of the tech-dominated Bay Area, according to new migration data from Redfin, a popular real estate site.”

According to Trulia, the median price of a home in Sacramento is $306,000, compared with $697,000 for Oakland.

However, some say the mass exodus to Sacramento is also driving up prices there, and that it will only be a matter of time before Sacramento is also unlivable.

Last year, the San Jose Mercury News reported that roughly 61,000 more people have left California for another state than the number of people who moved into the state.

In April, the Bay Area Council released a poll that showed that 46 percent of the Bay Area’s millennial residents said they are looking at leaving the region. The same poll found that 40 percent of Bay Area residents say they want to move away from the area over the next few years. That figure was up by 12 percent from last year’s report, which found that 34 percent of residents wanted to exit.

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