KFC Rewards Single Mom with New Car After She Walked to Work for a Year

A Kentucky Fried Chicken employee in Salem, Oregon, got the surprise of her life when her boss decided to nominate her for a special award.

Crystal Lachance is a single mother to an 8-year-old boy and for the past year, she has been walking three miles to and from work because she does not have a car. The young mom said it takes her about an hour to get there and back each day.

“I just really appreciate Crystal so much and seeing her struggle with things really got to me,” said manager Miranda Marston. “I don’t ever want to see anyone struggle or go through a hard time. I thought this would be a great way to help her and bring her spirits back up.”

The young woman, who lives in a recovery home with her son, saved $2000 to put towards a car but it had recently been stolen from her.

However, Marston secretly nominated Lachance to be the recipient of the restaurant chain’s “Kentucky Fried Wishes” award, and her coworker won the grand prize which was a new car:

“I went to work this morning and got surprised with a brand new car,” Lachance wrote in a Facebook post. “Apparently my boss Miranda entered me in a drawing a few months ago and I won this brand new car.”

The post continued:

This made my day I have been struggling a lot this year but haven’t gave up and have been working very hard, I finally went in and got my permit and have been trying to save up to buy a car. Now I have a car and the owner of KFC is going to be paying six months of insurance for me. I feel so blessed today and I just love my job and my boss Miranda, she’s seriously is the best boss ever! So a big thank you to KFC, Dave, and my favorite boss ever Miranda!!!!

Reports said KFC has given over $20 million to 6,400 restaurant employees to go towards education, hardship assistance, and personal finance programs.

Lachance also posted photos on social media of her son, Rhys, with the car and said he loves it too.


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