Plane Crashes After Dumping 350 Gallons of Water in Gender Reveal Gone Wrong

gender reveal plane crash

A recent Texas plane crash was caused by a gender reveal stunt gone wrong, officials with the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) said Friday.

The pilot of the plane was flying low in the town of Turkey, Texas, near the Oklahoma border when it released 350 gallons of pink water for the gender reveal, causing the plane to stall mid-air, according to a report from the NTSB.

The plane slammed to the ground upon landing and flipped over, according to the report. The two people on board escaped with only minor injuries.

This is not the first gender reveal stunt gone wrong recently that made news.

In October, an Iowa woman died after she was struck by debris at a gender reveal party in Knoxville, Iowa, and two years ago, an off-duty patrol officer’s gender reveal stunt caused a wildfire, which spread through 47,000 acres of brush.

The officer, Dennis Dickey, pleaded guilty in September 2018 to a misdemeanor for violating U.S. Forest Service regulations and received a sentence of five years’ probation as part of his plea deal.

Dickey also had to pay over $8 million in fines to the federal government and agreed to partake in a public service announcement explaining how the wildfire started.


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