VIDEO: Virginia Man Adopts Highways in President Trump’s Honor

A young man in Fairfax County, Virginia, is showing his support for Trump by adopting highways in the president’s honor.

Nick Umbs, who is a member of a small group called the President Trump Fan Club, cares for sections of highway on Ox Road and Burke Lake Road, Fox 5 reported.

Even though the fan club has only a few members, Umbs said he wanted to do something positive for President Trump.

He commented:

I thought it would be kind of a neat idea to do something kind of in support because all of this publicity that we see is always negative, negative, negative. And I wanted to show that there are people out there who are supportive of the president who are doing good and good for the community.

Twice this year, Umbs and his girlfriend, who is also a member of the fan club, have picked up trash along the highways where the signs stand, bearing the president’s name.

Umbs told the Washingtonian that he enjoyed tidying up the two-and-a-half-mile stretch of roads, even though “it’s a pretty liberal area.”

“No matter what side of the aisle people are on they thank us, they roll down the window and give us a thumbs up, honk their horn,” he said.

When asked what he will do if Trump does not win a second term, Umbs stated, “That is a really good question! I guess I would just keep cleaning it up. I think the permits are good for three years. I don’t think my support’s going to change.”

In 2016, Fairfax County gave President Trump just a little more than 28 percent of the vote, whereas Hillary Clinton got 64 percent, according to Fox News.

However, that fact has not caused the young man to question his support for the president.

“I really like President Trump,” Umbs said. “I really feel like he follows through with what he says, and number one that he absolutely loves the country … and if I have to clean up trash to show my support, I’m willing to do that.”


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