WATCH: Policeman Rescues Two People and Dog from House Fire

A police officer in Conway, Arkansas, is being recognized for putting his own safety at risk to help two people and their dog escape a house fire on Monday.

Bodycam footage showed the tense moment when Officer Carson Howard of the Conway Police Department (CPD) arrived at the scene and saw flames rising from its roof.

Howard quickly got out of his cruiser and ran toward the home where another officer was heard telling him, “Be careful, be careful!” as he went inside:

“He entered the house through the east wing and snaked through the house to find two distraught people in the living room. One of them was holding a dog by its collar,” the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette reported.

Howard calmly urged the individuals to exit the home and got behind them as they walked toward the front door.

“I’m coming! I’ve got everyone!” he told his fellow officers waiting outside.

As the three emerged from the home, the dog took off across the street and his owner fell to the ground, exclaiming, “Oh my God, my dog!”

However, Officer Howard and another policeman helped the person up and took him to a safe distance from the house where he was reunited with his pet.

Following the incident, the CPD tweeted a photo of what appeared to be Howard:

“He led 2 people & their dog out to safety. He’s a great example of selflessness & the Heartbeat Behind the Badge!” the post read.

Twitter users praised Officer Howard for his heroic acts and thanked him for saving the two individuals and the dog.

“I used to work with Carson and this is exactly the type of person he is; caring about others! The City of Conway police department is lucky to have him,” one user wrote.

“Thankful for our police officers. Great job!!” another commented.


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