WATCH – Police Officer Escorts Senior Walking on Highway to Salon: ‘I Truly Enjoy Helping People’

Police Officer Helps Elderly Woman to the Salon
Dash cam footage / City of Murfreesboro, TN - Government

A policeman in Tennessee is getting a lot of positive attention for assisting an elderly neighbor in April.

Officer Lance Hofmeister with the Murfreesboro Police Department did not think much about helping 84-year-old Elizabeth Goode get to her hair appointment, Fox 5 reported Tuesday.

At the time, Hofmeister was on patrol when he spotted Goode strolling down a busy highway, an area he said has some of the highest rates of accidents.

He pulled over to ask Goode if she was okay when she told him she was fine and was trying to make it to her appointment.

Dash cam footage showed the pair chatting on the side of the road with the elderly woman standing behind her walker:

Behind The Badge Brief-Unforgettable Ride

A TikTok post of a Murfreesboro Police officer giving an elderly woman a ride to her hair appointment turns out to be more than just a kind gesture. The 84-year-old woman was spotted by the officer strolling down busy Old Fort Pkwy using a walker. She had ridden a bus from Nashville and had to make a one mile walk to the Paul Mitchell The School Murfreesboro. The woman reminded the officer of someone close and dear to his heart. Community policing at its best.

Posted by City of Murfreesboro, TN – Government on Sunday, July 24, 2022

She had taken a bus from Nashville to get to her appointment at the Paul Mitchell Studio, but once she got off, there was one mile between her and the salon.

Therefore, Hofmeister asked if he could give her a ride.

“And she said, ‘Oh absolutely, that would be lovely.’ She was extremely willing to accept the ride. I think she was pretty grateful. It really wasn’t anything out of the normal, minus her walking down that road, I mean we do things like this all the time,” Hofmeister recalled.

More video footage showed the officer opening his car door for her to get inside:

“You do have to sit in the back, but I won’t handcuff you, okay?” he said, to which she replied, “I’ve never been handcuffed. First time for everything.”

Hofmeister said she reminded him of his beloved grandmother who passed away, describing Goode as sweet, sharp, and hilarious.

He eventually dropped her off at the salon, but said he was not used to all the attention he received for his act of kindness, while also urging people to help others.

“That’s why I became a police officer. I truly do enjoy helping people and I don’t need anything from it, I just want to spread that and make sure that other people have that as well,” he continued.

Now, Hofmeister stays in contact with Goode, and his family plans to have her over for dinner.


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