VIDEO: Helicopter Crashes Outside Fresno, California Home — Pilot, Passenger Survive

Flight Emergency/Twitter

Doorbell camera footage captured the moment a helicopter crash landed in the front yard of a home in Fresno, California.

The Bell 206B helicopter crash landed at around 9:55 a.m. on Saturday on Garrett avenue near Willow avenue and Jensen avenue, according to Fresno Police via KFSN.


The pilot and the passenger were taken to the hospital after, and both are expected to survive.

“They were both conscious and breathing and talking to us,” said Fresno Police Lt. Charlie Chamalbide, per the Fresno Bee. “It’s very lucky that nothing else was damaged or anybody was injured.”

The crew — who was conducting a test flight in a survey helicopter — told investigators they heard a “pop” sound before the aircraft started dropping.

“He sounded like he’s losing power and he’s getting closer,” resident Kathy Logan told the Bee. “As soon as I said that, ‘Bam, it crashed.’”

While a palm tree was destroyed by the impact, only one house suffered “very” minor damage, Fox 26 reported. No residents or bystanders were injured as well.

Neighbors who witnessed the crash were noted to be “visibly shaken” but thankful that the damage was minimal.

“That was a Jesus moment – that he didn’t hit nothing and nobody (else) was hurt. Thank goodness it was just a tree,” Logan said.

The surrounding neighborhood remains closed as the Federal Aviation Administration and the National Transportation Safety Board conduct their investigation into the cause of the accident.

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