San Francisco’s High-tech Public Toilet Breaks Down After 3 Days

out of service (Getty)

A new “space age” self-cleaning public toilet in San Francisco’s Embarcadero broke down after just three days in service.

The toilet, made of stainless steel with an abstract exterior, heralded a new age of design for the city.

However, it failed during its first week of operations. reported:

The trouble appears to have started Friday afternoon around 4:30 p.m. As seen above, it sure looks like the commode got stuck out of place during the unit’s self-cleaning cycle. SFist heard the on-duty attendant tell a supervisor that “some lady went in there,” and after she came out, the mechanized commode had not lowered back into the sitting position following the self-cleaning cycle.

And sure, it probably won’t be long until this thing is fixed and back up again. This is a nice design and (when working) a great free amenity for the general public. But honestly, Day Three is pretty early for this so-called toilet of the future to already be breaking down and needing serious repairs.

All 25 of these kiosks will eventually take on the same stainless steel exterior (and interior parts seen above) as this just-broken one near the Ferry Building. Media coverage of these new toilets has noted that the city isn’t charged anything for them, as JCDecaux handles maintenance and installation costs in exchange for the advertising space.

Earlier this month, Breitbart News reported on another public toilet that cost the city $1.7 million, thanks to complex city construction rules and bureaucratic delays.

San Francisco has become known for struggling with public accommodations for toilets, especially among a large homeless and drug-using population that lives on the streets. The city has a special system for reporting human and animal waste in public spaces.

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