‘I’ve Been Bullied By Mark Clarke’ – Sensational Suicide Note Of Tory Activist Revealed

Mark Clarke
Daily Mail

The suicide note of Conservative Party activist Elliott Johnson has been revealed today, alleging that he was indeed bullied by Tory Party Director and former parliamentary candidate Mark Clarke, as well as claiming that he felt “betrayed” by activist and Townhall.com journalist Andre Walker.

Elliott Johnson, 21, killed himself in September of this year, leaving behind notes for his friend and family, and starting a police investigation into the circumstances surrounding his suicide, a story originally broken by Breitbart London.

Now the Mail on Sunday has published his sensational suicide note which says: “I have been bullied by Mark Clarke and betrayed by Andre Walker. I had to wrongly turn my back on my friends. Now all my political bridges are burnt. Where can I go from here? If I had only done the right thing in my heart first and not been caught up in the fake idea of a right wing movement.”

The final sentence is believed to refer to the broader young Conservative movement, which has been lambasted by many on the actual right as having been a fake movement for years. Johnson was involved in Conservative Future, the party’s official youth with, as well as Conservative Way Forward, led by former advisor to the ex Conservative Chairman Grant Shapps.

Mr Clarke and Mr Walker, the latter of which previously worked for Breitbart London, denied involvement in the issue, and stood by their claims that they were as saddened by Mr Johnson’s death as anyone else. Clarke denied that he ‘bullied or harassed’ Johnson, and Walker referred to the allegations against him as “rubbish”.

But the Mail has also published a deeply concerning transcript of an incident during which Mr Walker and Mr Clarke are said to be heard threatening the young man. It begins:

Elliott Johnson (EJ): ‘I’m here for an apology, Mark.’

Mark Clarke (MC): ‘That’s not going to happen.’

EJ: ‘It’s not right to bully people in pubs.’

Andre Walker (AW): ‘Everyone who (inaudible) with the Vichy Government got shot in the end. F****** d*** h***.’

MC: ‘I said to you, “Don’t slag me off”.’

AW: ‘You [EJ] behaved disgracefully! You’ve taken a cardinal rule and stamped all over it! They [names two senior Tory enemies of Clarke] are c****.’

EJ (to MC): ‘It was disgraceful to attack me in the pub.’

The full transcript can be read here.

Johnson’s father told the Mail on Sunday: “Elliott was not a depressive boy… He was subjected to a long and nasty campaign of intimidation in the Tory Party, yet nothing was done.”

Mr Clarke has received around 25 complaints about his behaviour to the Conservative Party, which has been investigating him since before Mr Johnson’s demise.

Breitbart London uncovered statements and e-mails about Mr Clarke’s behaviour in the past, as well as, despite Tory HQ denials, direct links between him and the Conservative Party Chairman’s office through CWF-head honcho Paul Abbott.

Mr Johnson was today named in Iain Dale’s Top 100 On The Right list as a testament to his life, and with the hope that bringing attention to the incident will stop the alleged toxic behaviour inside the party.

The Samaritans offer free advice to those affected by a suicide, or who have personal problems and are contemplating taking their own life. Their telephone number is 08457 90 90 90.