Palestinian Lawyers Honor Terrorist for Suicide Murders

AP/Nasser Nasser

JERUSALEM—Muhannad al-Halabi was a Palestinian law student who was killed by Israeli authorities, following al-Halabi’s stabbing of two Israeli citizens to death in the Old City—which is part of Jerusalem—on Oct. 4, 2015. Al-Halabi is now being honored as a hero and a martyr for fatally stabbing the two Israelis.

The Palestinian Bar Association is an official organization for lawyers in that area of the Middle East. It receives funding from the United Nations, as well as the European Union.

According to news reports, the association recently announced that it is celebrating al-Halabi’s homicidal actions by conferring on him a law degree posthumously. On Oct. 10, the organization announced: “The Palestinian Bar Association decided in its meeting today to award an honorary law degree to the martyred hero Muhannad al-Halabi and to hold its next swearing in ceremony [for the bar] in [his] honor.” The Palestinian Bar Association further declared that “The martyred hero Al-Halabi was an outstanding student at the faculty of law.” The head of the bar association visited with the killer’s family to offer the organization’s condolences.

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