Top Israeli Defense Official: ‘Shortsighted’ Iran Deal Will Lead To Mideast Nuclear Race

Ebrahim Noroozi/AP
Ebrahim Noroozi/AP

TEL AVIV – An official from Israel’s Defense Ministry said on Tuesday that the Iran deal was shortsighted and that the agreement would have no effect in halting Iran’s nuclear aspirations.

The official also claimed that Iran’s success will inspire other countries in the region to follow suit and build nuclear weapons programs.

In a conference on the Iran nuclear deal at the Institute for National Security Studies (INSS), Maj Gen (ret) Amos Gilad, the Defense Ministry’s Director of Policy and Political-Military Affairs, said that the agreement with Iran would not be effective in stopping Iran’s nuclear program and that lifting sanctions will only make matters worse.

“I believe Iranians will take the opportunity with sanctions lifted to enhance [nuclear] capabilities,” asserted Gilad.

Gilad further stated that the international community is losing focus, especially in light of recent terrorism by ISIS. “While ISIS is the most urgent threat, Iran is the most important threat,” he said.

Gilad slammed the Iran deal as being extremely shortsighted. “Iran doesn’t care if it gets nukes in ten or fifteen years. They have a smarter, long-term view.”

Gilad also predicted that if Iran is successful in its nuclear program, it will set a precedent for other countries in the region like Egypt and Saudi Arabia to develop nuclear capabilities.  He also condemned the notion that Iran’s leadership is softening in its approach. “Some think Iran will be taken over by moderates – this will not happen.”


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