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Israel Fully Capable of Striking Iran, Top IAF Pilot Says

TEL AVIV – Israel is “fully capable” of striking Iran, a former Israel Air Force pilot who was part of the team that destroyed Iraq’s nuclear reactor in 1981 told The Jerusalem Post, amid increased tensions between the two countries.

Sensitive data about the F-35, the US' latest generation of fighter jets, was among the information hacked, reports said

Iran Deal: 5 Scenarios, from Rainbows to Doomsday

On Tuesday, world powers reached a nuclear agreement with Iran after nearly two years of intense talks, and a decade of confrontation. U.S. President Barack Obama hailed the deal, and threatened to veto any attempt to stop it. The Iranian regime, too, celebrated it as a victory for diplomacy. Israel, meanwhile, panned a “terrible deal” and a “mistake of historic proportions.” So who is right?

Quds Day (Atta Kenare / Getty)