Prominent Saudi Blogger Claims ‘Anti-Terror’ Coalition Really About Kingdom’s Internal Politics

The Associated Press

JAFFA, Israel – Mujtahid Bin Hareth Bin Hammaam, the prominent Saudi blogger and critic of the ruling elite, claimed on Twitter that Saudi Arabia’s announcement of an “Islamic military alliance” may not be what it seems.

Hammaam is well-known in the international media for using the Twitter ID @Mujtahidd.

He claimed the alliance, purportedly created fight terrorism, is actually motivated by power politics within the Saudi royal family.

He called the alliance an attempt by Prince Mohammed Bin Salman, the king’s son and second in line to the throne, to score points in public opinion at the expense of his cousin and bitter enemy, Mohammed Bin Nayef, the heir to the throne, whom Western governments deem as more trustworthy.

“The coalition which Mohammed Bin Salman has declared has includes no practical organization, no joint forces, no military coordination, no regulations and no organizational structure,” Mujtahed tweeted.

The “coalition,” according to Mujtahed, doesn’t include the “bare minimum for the formation of alliances; that is, setting clear goals, defining the enemy and the nature of the cooperation and what patterns of action are acceptable.”

“What we see here,” Mujtahed added, “is the result of oral agreements with other countries about combatting terror, which will be no different from the US-led coalition, neither militarily nor politically.”

Bin Salman’s fascination with the idea, Mujtahed also claimed, is “his frustration at the positioning of Mohammed Bin Nayef as the hero of the war on terror and as the leader in waiting of the Saudi state, while he himself is described in Western intelligence and media reports as reckless and dangerous.”

“In short, Bin Salman flexed his muscles in order to show the West that he, more than Mohammed Bin Nayef, is their go-to Saudi when it comes to fighting terror.”

Breitbart Jerusalem reported on Wednesday Pakistani officials said the country was not consulted before the nation was announced as a member of the 34-country bloc.

In another unusual twist of events, Lebanon’s Foreign Ministry on Tuesday denied knowledge of the new Saudi-led coalition, while Lebanese Prime Minister Tammam Salam made a statement implying his country was indeed an alliance member, Lebanon’s Daily Star reported.

On Tuesday, Breitbart Jerusalem reported it was difficult to find a single Palestinian Authority official willing to publically comment on Saudi Arabia’s Islamic anti-terror alliance.


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