WATCH: Official Palestinian TV Kids Show – Israel Will Cease To Exist, All The Land Will Be ‘Returned’


A children’s show on official Palestinian Authority TV stated that Israel’s existence is temporary and that Israel is “all ours and will return to us,” Palestinian Media Watch (PMW) reported.

The host also said that Israel’s Arab citizens continue to live in Israeli cities in order to guard them from the “occupation’s abuse.” See the video below:

The host of the “Children’s Talk” show explained that all Israeli towns, including Haifa, Jaffa, Acre and Nazareth are in “the ’48 lands…under the occupation.” In adherence with PA educational policy, the host instructed a young boy that “this information should be inside of us all the time.”

In a later episode of the show, the same host repeated the promise that all of Israel will “exist under the name of ‘the State of Palestine.'”

She explained that Israeli Arabs who live in Israel are there to “guard our land from the occupation’s abuse. They live under severe racism but their presence protects our land, despite the fact that the occupation fully rules everywhere…they believe that all of the land will return to Palestine.” See that segment below:

The ideology that Israel will cease to exist and that all of Israel will be “Palestine” is presented to the Palestinian public regularly though Fatah and the PA’s official communication channels.

This week, PWM documented PA Military Liaison Commander Jihad Jayousi honored a group of creative writing students in Bethlehem by handing them a plaque with a map of “Palestine” that showed all of Israel in addition to PA areas and the Gaza Strip.

Screenshots taken this week from the official Facebook page of the Palestinian National Security Forces also refer to the Israeli towns of Acre and Jaffa as “occupied.”

In the offices of officials, school textbooks and public squares, Israel is removed from all official maps and is consistently portrayed as “Palestine.”


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