Fatah Official: Kuntar’s Killing Will Not Remain ‘Unaccounted For’

Samir Kantar

JAFFA, Israel – A member of the Fatah Central Committee pledged on Wednesday that the killing of a top Hezbollah operative “will not go unaccounted for.” 

Al Ahmad, a loyalist of Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, called Sunday’s assassination of Samir Kuntar “a crime.”

“Kuntar was a symbol of the close kinship between the Palestinians and the Lebanese and the Arabs,” he said in a public gathering in Ramallah.

Kuntar became involved with Hezbollah in 2008, after his release in a prisoner exchange from a 29-year imprisonment following the killing of an Israeli man and his 4-year-old daughter. He was eliminated on Sunday in a bombing near Damascus, which was attributed to Israel.

Ahmad did not specify what the retaliation would amount to, but stressed that “the assassination would not undermine nor discourage the resistance.”

“The criminal policy of targeting our fighters, especially the newly released ones, attests more than anything to the hostility of the Zionist evil machine,” he added.

Other speakers at the ceremony, representing a range of Palestinian factions, also condemned the killing of Kuntar.

Palestinian websites have posted pictures of Kuntar with high-profile political prisoners, such as Fatah commander Marwan Barghouti and Popular Front Secretary General Ahmad Sadat, who was convicted of killing Israel’s Tourism Minister Rehavam Ze’evi in 2001.


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