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Pro-Hezbollah Newspaper: U.S. Officials Say Israel Planning for War With Lebanon

TEL AVIV – A pro-Hezbollah Lebanese newspaper claimed Saturday that American officials warned Beirut that Israel is planning an imminent war against Lebanon. According to Al Akhbar, U.S. officials were informed by their Israeli counterparts that Saudi Arabia’s decision to cut back Lebanese aid and categorize Hezbollah as a terrorist organization has encouraged Jerusalem to plan an attack against its northern neighbor

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World View: President Obama May Have to Choose Between Saudi Arabia and Iran

Contents: Sectarian Sunni-Shia split deepens over Iran – Saudi split; President Obama may have to choose between Saudi Arabia and Iran; Hezbollah-Israel violence growing on Lebanon border; Residents of Tel Aviv Israel in panic after Friday’s gunfire attack; European and Wall St stocks fall sharply, following China

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Anticipating Hezbollah Action, Israel Shells Lebanon Border

The Israel Defense Forces shelled the Lebanon border for the fourth consecutive day on Sunday, aiming to deter an attack by Lebanese terror group Hezbollah. The group’s leader, Hassan Nasrallah, has repeatedly vowed revenge for the assassination of arch-terrorist Samir

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Fear That Hezbollah Will Use Stormy Weather To Attack Israel

For the past few days, the IDF has been performing controlled bombings in the Lebanese border region. These include artillery fire into open areas, and are meant to prevent Hezbollah from exploiting the stormy weather Israel has been experiencing lately

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Report: Germany Tells Hezbollah Israeli Response to Kuntar Retaliation Will be ‘Forceful and Costly’

Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah (pictured) rejected German diplomats’ warnings against retaliating for the alleged Israeli assassination of a senior Hezbollah operative near Damascus, Lebanese newspaper Aliwaa reported on Wednesday. According to the report, German diplomats, likely relaying a message directly from Israel, told the Hezbollah leader Israel’s

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Child-Murderer Kuntar is Latest Palestinian Superhero

TEL AVIV – Samir Kuntar, the terrorist who murdered a four-year-old by smashing her skull with the butt of his rifle, is labelled the newest Palestinian “national hero” and his death is claimed to be proof that Israel is in cahoots with the Islamic State, Palestinian Media Watch reported.

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World View: Israel and Hezbollah May Be Close to War Again

Contents: Merry Christmas, happy Kwanza, belated happy Hanukkah, Ramadan, Winter Solstice!; Hezbollah promises revenge for deadly Israeli airstrike in Syria; Israel and Hezbollah may be close to war again; Russia is sharing information with the Taliban in Afghanistan to fight ISIS

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Fatah Official: Kuntar’s Killing Will Not Remain ‘Unaccounted For’

JAFFA, Israel – A member of the Fatah Central Committee pledged on Wednesday that the killing of a top Hezbollah operative “will not go unaccounted for.”  Al Ahmad, a loyalist of Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, called Sunday’s assassination of Samir

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Fatah: Murderer Samir Kuntar Was ‘National Hero’

TEL AVIV – A member of Fatah’s Central Committee sent a condolence letter this week  to Hezbollah Secretary-General Hassan Nasrallah mourning the death of Samir Kuntar, calling the Lebanese terrorist a “national hero” and a “Palestinian martyr.” In his letter, which

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Samir Kuntar’s Ex-Wife Welcomes Death of ‘Murderer’ Ex-Husband

The divorced Palestinian wife of assassinated terrorist Samir Kuntar welcomed his death on Monday, in an interview with the pan-Arab Al-Arabiya television network. Accusing Kuntar of fighting not against Israel but against the Syrian people, Kifah Kayyal insisted in an

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Hezbollah Vows Revenge for the Death of Samir Kuntar

Hezbollah leaders vowed revenge against Israel on Monday for the death of Samir Kuntar (pictured) on Saturday night in an airstrike attributed to the Israeli Air Force. “The Israeli enemy will regret the assassination of Samir Kuntar,” said the head

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Netanyahu Ignores Samir Kuntar Killing in Weekly Cabinet Meeting

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who often uses the opening of the weekly cabinet meeting to comment on hot topics on the national agenda, made no mention Sunday of the killing in Syria of Lebanese terrorist Samir Kuntar. While Netanyahu didn’t