WATCH: Man Arrested in Saudi Mall for Wearing Islamic Women’s Garb

The Associated Press
The Associated Press

JAFFA, Israel – A Saudi man was arrested in a shopping mall in the city of Taeef while dressed in a niqab, a traditional women’s garb.

The man, who is in his twenties, aroused the suspicion of a passer-by. He approached what he thought was a woman – niqabs cover the entire body, except the eyes – and when he realized it was a man, he called the mall’s security.

The young man was handed over to police, who made no accusations against him except “mingling with female visitors of the mall.” See the video below:

The kingdom’s bubbly social media was abuzz following the incident. Some criticized conservative elements in Saudi society that force women to fully cover their bodies. That, they claimed, raises the arousal threshold among “sick people, like this guy.”

Others criticized that “damned man, whom we pray Allah will cure and give back his brain.” One commenter said: “By the way he walks, he clearly wants to be a woman,” followed by a luscious curse.


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