WATCH: Dog Bite in Algeria Falsely Labeled as ‘Palestinian Child Attacked by Israeli Terrorist’


TEL AVIV – A video of a child being bitten by a dog was posted on Facebook as an example of “Israeli terrorism” even though the footage was filmed in Algeria. See the video here.

The video was published with a description that read: “Palestinian child is bitten by a dog, which is incited, between laughter, by Israeli terrorist. Where’s the humanity better yet where is God.”

On Tuesday pro-Israel blogger Elder of Ziyon reported that the scene from the video, which was posted on December 22 and was shared more than 1,000 times, actually took place in Algeria in April.

The Facebook group that posted the video, run by “Immortal Che Guevara” – evidently in homage to the late Argentinian Marxist terrorist – makes the following appeal to its members: “BE POLITE! And NO NASTY COMMENTS!! And NO PERSONAL INSULTS! And NO BLOCKING OR BANNING OF THE ADMINISTRATOR! And NO BLOCKING OR BANNING OF ANYONE!”

Many anti-Semitic comments were posted in response to the fabricated video. Dexter Martinez wrote, “This is The Face of The Israelí Terrorist. These People Must be Called out and brought to Justice. Make no mistake There is no different between the Israeli Terrorist and ISIS.”

Another commenter Kevin Fields posted, “Why doesn’t someone do the world a favor and nuke they Israeli murdering whores of the face of it. Dirty rotten terrorist filthy scum.”