Father of Victim Killed in Tel Aviv Attack: ‘We Lose Our Good Children’

Tel Aviv terror
The Associated Press

David Backal, father of Alon Backal who was killed in Friday’s shooting attack in Tel Aviv, told reporters Friday that his 26-year-old son had just graduated from his fourth year in law school and was happy to work at the pub that suffered most of the hits in the shooting attack.

“The kid is dead. My son who was killed… why did I come out here to talk to you? I wanted to tell you that we lose our good children… he was not a usual child,” he said at a Tel Aviv hospital.

“His older brother Avi ran towards him to the pub and saw him lying there. We… it’s a minute and a half drive from here, I ran and waited for him here, waited for the ambulance to arrive. As soon as the ambulance arrived and I saw the kid I fainted because I saw that the kid was not, not alive,” David Backal added.

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