EU Parliament Chief Opposes Labeling West Bank Produce ‘Because it Hurts Palestinians’

The Associated Press

European Jewish Press reports: BRUSSELS (EJP)—European Parliament President Martin Schulz expressed his opposition to the labeling of settlements products, saying that such a move mainly hurts the Palestinians ‘’who make an honest living in working in factories there.’’

He made the remarks during a meeting with of Knesset Speaker Yuli Edelstein in Berlin.

Edelstein said, “countries and people in Europe cannot say they oppose anti-Semitism and in the same breath be anti-Israel. Israel will survive the labeling of products. Those who will not survive are the thousands of Palestinian families who work shoulder to shoulder with their Jewish friends and have a shared life there. It will hurt their economy, their lives and their families, and it will destroy the seeds of peace that exist in those employment zones.”

In November, the EU approved new guidelines for the 28 member states to label products made in West Bank settlements, drawing angry condemnation from Israel.

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