Israel Navy Closely Watching Hamas Force Build Up, Preparing for Underwater Threats from Gaza

Israel navy submarine

The Jerusalem Post reports: The Israel Navy keeping is a close eye on Hamas in Gaza as the terrorist organization busily rebuilds its offensive capabilities, which now appear to include a potential to wage underwater combat.

If fighting breaks out with Hamas, the IDF assesses that the Islamist organization would likely seek to surprise Israel from multiple directions, including from the sea. The IDF feels it must prepare, accordingly, for a wide range of possible seaborne assaults, including bomb-laden boat attacks.

The Israel Navy has been developing swift underwater detection and alert systems in the event that Hamas divers, such as the sea commando unit that went into action during Operation Protective Edge in 2014, were to be employed again.

The navy’s focus on confronting underwater threats is remarkable considering how seaborne combat was almost unheard of on the southern coast before 2014, and commanders have been busy in recent months developing ways to contain the threat.

New weapons are being loaded onto naval vessels, designed to destroy a submerged enemy.

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