Olmert Admits to Obstruction of Justice in Plea Deal; No Deal on Other Cases

The Associated Press

The Jerusalem Post reports: For the first time since his conviction on bribery and corruption charges last year, former prime minister Ehud Olmert on Monday admitted to obstruction of justice in coordination with his former top aide as part of a plea bargain bid to reduce his prison sentence.

Olmert admitted to obstructing justice with former confidante Shula Zaken in both the Talansky and Holyland affairs, in an effort to persuade the prosecution to agreed to a six-month jail sentence and a NIS 50,000 fine, on condition the six months would run concurrent with his 18-month Holyland sentence, so it would not actually add further jail time.

However, Olmert and the state prosecution could not reach a deal on the Talansky, Rishon Tours and Investment affairs, which means that Tuesday’s hearing of their competing appeals before the Supreme Court will go forward.

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