Palestinians Stepping up Statehood bid, Israel’s UN Envoy Warns

Danny Danon

The Times of Israel reports: Jerusalem is bracing for a series of Palestinian statehood initiatives in various international forums, including resolutions at the United Nations Security Council, Israel’s ambassador to the UN Danny Danon (pictured) said Thursday.

“The Palestinians are increasing their involvement and activity in the international arena in a bid to internationalize the conflict,” he told the Times of Israel. There are several initiatives calling for the creation of a Palestinian state circulating among UN diplomats, and while they recently received less exposure due to the world’s focus on fighting the Islamic State terror group, these resolutions are anything but forgotten, he indicated.

“The [November 13] terror attack in Paris focused the world’s attention on the fight against IS, but we are slowly seeing now that other topics are returning to the global agenda, and our conflict with the Palestinians is at the center,” Danon said.

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