Fatah Strongman Dahlan Launches Attack on Rival Abbas

Palestinian senior Fatah official Mohammed Dahlan

JAFFA, Israel – Fatah strongman Mohammed Dahlan (pictured) has condemned the Palestinian Authority for continuing its security cooperation with Israel after a top member of the movement was arrested by the Israeli army.

Dahlan publicly rebuked Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, charging that Jamal Abu El Lail, the commander of Fatah’s powerful Tanzim Force and a close associate of Dahlan, was arrested in a Ramallah suburb at Abbas’s behest.

“The arrest was Abu Mazen [Abbas]’s request,” said Dahlan. “His security officials filed a request with the Israeli authorities and the occupation forces followed suit.”

The Israeli media reported that Abu Lail masterminded terror attacks on Israelis in Jerusalem before his arrest.

“Before his arrest, he orchestrated shooting attacks, as well as transferring terrorist finances for funding military activity,” Israel’s Shin Bet Security Agency announced.

Dahlan said that Israeli troops raided the camp after a similar Palestinian endeavor failed.

“President Abbas is personally responsible for the arrest as well as for the incursion,” he said. “It happened 48 hours after Abbas’ circles released statements saying that Abu Lail is a traitor. The conclusion is simple: Abbas ordered, his men beseeched, and the occupation granted their request.”

“This isn’t the first time that Abbas and his entourage openly commited crimes in tandem with the occupation,” Dahlan went on to say. “They paint the Palestinian struggle with the colors of shame. The members of Fatah have to rise up against these crimes and reclaim the movement’s honor, as well as their own.”

Meanwhile, an opinion poll published in the Palestinian media says that more than two thirds of Palestinian oppose their government’s security cooperation with Israel, while 32 percent support it.

In addition, 76 percent criticized the Palestinian Authority for saying they foil attacks against Israelis, while 20 percent sided with the PA government.


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