Majority Of Americans Favor Israel Over Palestinians

israel defense forces shoulder flash
IDF Photo

TEL AVIV – Nearly two-thirds of Americans favor Israel over the Palestinians, according to a Gallup poll published on Monday.

The poll also found that more Americans are for a Palestinian state than against, and religious Republicans over 50 are Israel’s strongest supporters.

Respondents were asked: “In the Middle East situation, are your sympathies more with the Israelis or more with the Palestinians?”

Almost 62% of Americans preferred Israel while only 15% say their sympathies lie with the Palestinians. One in four are neutral and 11% of respondents said they had no opinion.

Support for Israel was much higher among Protestants (72%) than Catholics (58%) and lowest among non-religious Americans (41%). There was also a 26-point difference between Republicans (79%) and Democrats (53%), and an 18-point difference between people over 50 (72%) and younger groups (54%).

44% of Americans are still in favor of creating an independent Palestinian state, but there has been a marked decrease in support since its peak of 58% in 2003-2004.

A recent poll by the Brookings Institution showed significant disapproval of the perceived influence Israel has on American politics, as well as an overall decrease in support for Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his government’s policies, the Times of Israel reported.


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