Israeli Police To Investigate Artist Who Put Flag In His Behind At ‘Haaretz’ Conference

Jens Kalaene/picture-alliance/dpa/AP Images
Jens Kalaene/picture-alliance/dpa/AP Images

The Jerusalem Post reports: Tel Aviv police questioned an artist who inserted an Israeli flag into his rear end during a performance at the Haaretz Culture Conference on Sunday in Tel Aviv.

Police said artist Ariel Bronz was released after questioning.

The district spokeswoman said the investigation was opened Monday after police received a complaint about the act, which was widely covered in the press and on social media the day before.

Though the flag was described both as an Israeli flag and simply as a white flag, closer examination of photos from the event show that it was a white flag with a faint blue outline of a star of David and the outline of two faint blue lines, like the Israeli flag.

Police said the investigation will focus on the offense of desecrating a national symbol.

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