Report: Egyptian Man Pushed Wife From Sixth-Floor Balcony Over Suspected Affair

A picture taken through the window of a building shows the Nile river and Cairo's skyline on March 20, 2016.

JAFFA, Israel – An Egyptian man has reportedly  been indicted for killing his wife after finding the phone number of another man in her pocket. 

The man allegedly phoned police and reported that his wife fell from their sixth-floor balcony in a Cairo suburb, but subsequent contradictions in his testimony, as well as an autopsy that found bruises on her body, raised the suspicion of police that he might have pushed her to her death.

Questioned by police, he admitted to finding a note in her pocket, bearing a telephone number of another man, whom he believed was having an affair with his wife.

According to local media reports, he told police that a violent argument ensued, during which she locked herself in the bedroom. But the defendant allegedly broke down the door and pushed her over the railing of the adjacent balcony.

During the investigation it turned out that the defendant is a fugitive, having been sentenced to three years’ imprisonment for drug dealing.

An indictment will soon be submitted to a local court.

Meanwhile, a 56-year-old Egyptian woman has been convicted of killing her 28-year-old sister in law.

A violent brawl between the two women broke out after the victim was asked by her father-in-law, the defendant’s husband, to bring him his mobile telephone charger, which she allegedly ignored.

Enraged by her sister-in-law’s insolence, the defendant reportedly strangled her using the scarf she was wearing.

The defendant is also accused of trying to pervert the course of justice after she took the dead body to a local clinic and asked the doctor to declare the death natural. It raised the doctor’s suspicion, and they informed police.

The sentence is expected in the coming days.


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