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Gold-Coated Baby Bottles Spark Furor In Saudi Arabia

The Saudi media reported on new gold- and diamond-coated baby bottles that have gone on sale as the Saudi government’s efforts to modernize the national economy and make it efficient and sustainable.

A Saudi woman walks past a foreign worker at the entrance of a shopping mall on November 7, 2013 in Riyadh. Saudis have begun complaining of surging labour costs following the exodus of a million foreign workers, although economists insist there will be long-term planning benefits from fully regulating the …

Hamas: Males Should Accompany Female Driving Students

JAFFA, Israel – Driving schools in Gaza have complained after Hamas authorities imposed a new regulation whereby female students will have to be accompanied by a “lawful” male companion. Jaber Radwan, chairman of the driving schools’ association in the Strip, said

AP Photo/Hasan Jamali