WATCH: Bill Maher – Maybe Europe Will Stop Being A**holes to Israel

bill maher

TEL AVIV – Liberal comedian Bill Maher slammed Europe and the UN for its treatment of Israel and wondered if the attacks in Brussels, which killed 31 people on Tuesday, would cause Europeans to show more sympathy to the Jewish state.

“Europe has been real a**holes about Israel. I mean, in general,” Maher said on his late-night HBO show Real Time.

Watch the clip here:

He continued:

The UN, as of 2015, the United Nations Human Rights Council had issued more official condemnations of Israel than the rest of the world’s nations combined. I wonder now that Europe has been attacked four times now in a little over a year, and they say ISIS has 400 fighters that they are ready to introduce back into Europe, and they’re trying to get a dirty bomb, maybe Europe will have a little more sympathy for what Israel goes through.

On his show, Maher routinely attacks Muslim radicalism. Last week, Breitbart reported that the HBO host slammed President Barack Obama for his comments that a “small slice” of the Muslim population are extremists, saying the president pulled the claim “right out of his a**.”

He has also been known to defend Israel on multiple occasions.

In an opinion piece he wrote for the Huffington Post, he wrote that he loved siding with former president George W. Bush for defending Israel, a country that “is held to a standard for ‘restraint’ that no other country ever is asked to meet.”

As for the Palestinians, Maher wrote:

There was no entity of Arabs called “Palestine” before Israel made the desert bloom.

If those 600,000 original Palestinian refugees had been handled with maturity by their Arab brethren, who had nothing but space to put them, they could have moved on — the way Germans, Czechs, Poles, Chinese, and everybody else has, including, of course, the Jews.


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