Palestinians Lambast PA for Arresting Three Suspected Terrorists at Israel’s Behest

REUTERS/Kacper Pempel

JAFFA, Israel – The Palestinian Authority arrested three men suspected of plotting to carry out an attack in Israel, leading to a backlash on social media. The three suspects, who were reported missing by their families, were arrested after an eight-day manhunt.

The fact that Palestinian troops arrested their compatriots, supposedly at Israel’s behest, was enough to revive the old hashtag #cooperation_treason and invite a great deal of criticism in forums operated by Hamas.

Muhammad Abu Taqiya posted a picture of Israeli soldiers arresting Palestinian policemen during the second intifada and added a caption: “The cooperation stands for humiliation and treason that could only be effaced with resistance and a national reckoning – and cutting of hands” – referring most likely to the hands of the “traitors.”

“The PA and Fatah hand the fighters over to the occupation, and in Gaza they cut off electricity to people living under siege,” Tayser wrote.

“Have you ever heard of the extradition of Jews who planned to murder Palestinians?” Awad wrote. “059833555. That’s Saeb Erekat’s number. Give him a call and ask him.”

“Cooperation is not only treason, it’s also the falsification of the nationality of those who engage in it,” wrote Tadrib. “I doubt that they are Palestinians. A Palestinian would never betray his people.”

“The Ramallah intelligence arrested the heroes, the defenders of our land, and extradited them to the Zionist entity,” wrote Ammarasalya. “May Allah punish them.”

“Today, the Palestinian Authority blatantly reneged on its Palestinian nationality after turning in three fighters to the occupation,” wrote Samir Nasser.

Hundreds of Palestinians took part in searching for the three missing men until they were found in a grove near Ramallah without their mobile phones.

The Israeli army alerted Palestinian security forces that the suspects might be planning an attack on Israelis, but Palestinian police are still investigating the circumstances.

The three men, Basel Muhammad Alkarj (33), Muhammad Abdallah Harb (23), and Hishar Alsiaj (19), have been missing since last week, Israeli website NRG reported.

They were arrested after one of the officers in the Palestinian Authority’s general security forces spotted a group of young men walking on the hills outside Ramallah in the West Bank.


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