WATCH: Thousands of Arab Israelis March for Palestinian ‘Return’ to Israel

The Times of Israel reports: Thousands of Arab Israeli protesters marched in favor of a “right of return” for millions of Palestinians on Thursday, as Israel celebrated its 68th Independence Day.

Some of the protesters, many of whom consider themselves Palestinian citizens of Israel, carried Palestinian flags and others held up signs demanding the right to return for refugees and their descendants at the rally in the Negev desert.

As mainly Jewish Israelis marked Independence Day, the marchers carried the slogan “On the anniversary of your independence, remember our Nakba.” The term Nakba is widely used by Palestinians and in the Arab world to describe the “catastrophe” of modern Israel’s establishment in 1948.

The protest included a swearing-in ceremony where people collectively swore to defend the land, and to uphold the claim by Palestinians who used to live in what is today Israel, and their descendants, of a right to come back and live in the country.

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