Negev desert

Gazan rioters have added a creative new weapon to their arsenal. Instead of attack kites, young Palestinians have adopted another child's toy to spread fires on Israeli soil: helium balloons. 

Terror Balloon Found at Central Israeli Industrial Zone

The police located an incendiary balloon overnight Sunday near the Ligad industrial zone in Modi’in, prompting sappers to naturalize the flammable object. Neither casualties nor damage were reported.

Eran Gartner (L), the Chief Executive Officer of Megalim Power Ltd, speaks with a Spanish worker in charge of the welders in front of the solar receiver at the construction site of the Ashalim solar tower near the southern Israeli kibbutz of Ashalim in the Negev desert on May 26, …

Israel Constructing World’s Tallest Solar Tower

Deep in the Negev desert in Israel, stands what will be the world’s tallest solar tower. Once complete, the tower will be 250 metres tall and encircled by 50,000 heliostat solar mirrors.

Israelis stand on the banks of a stream looking at a flash flood flowing in the Judea Desert, south of the West Bank city of Jericho, following heavy rain on February 21, 2009. Meteorologists have said that rain may fall for several consecutive days.

16-Year-Old American Girl Dies From Heat Stroke in Israeli Desert

A 16-year-old girl from the United States died on Wednesday from hyperthermia (heat stroke) during a hike with her summer camp in the Negev. The teenager was transported to the hospital following her displaying symptoms on Wednesday, and the news of her death was released on Saturday.

cyber command Israel

Israel’s Desert Blooms With Cyber-City Development

TEL AVIV – No other country on earth has successfully integrated private, academic, government and military cyber-expertise as Israel has done in its new cyber-city blossoming in the desert, a new report by the Washington Post claims.

Inscriptions in ancient Hebrew dating back 2,500 years discovered near Arad.

New Look At Ancient Shards Suggests Bible Even Older Than Thought

The Times of Israel reports: High-tech handwriting analysis of First Temple period writings inscribed on pottery shards indicates the Bible may have been written earlier than some scholars believe, Tel Aviv University researchers have found. Most scholars agree that key


Israel’s Cyber Sector Blooms In The Desert

BEERSHEBA (AFP) — A modern metropolis rising from Israel’s Negev desert stands on the front-line of a global war against hacking and cyber crime, fulfilling an ambition of the country’s founding father. David Ben-Gurion famously said he wanted to make