NGO Exposes UN Human Rights Council’s Anti-Israel Agenda

United Nations Human Rights Council

Steve Emerson of the Israel Project reports:  The United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) has a reputation for maintaining a blatant anti-Israel bias.

Gross violators of human rights often serve on the Council, devoting a disproportionate amount of attention to alleged Israeli human rights abuses without substantive discussion dedicated towards other nations with far worse records.

To mark the Council’s 70th anniversary on May 17, Hillel Neuer — executive director of UN Watch — outlined the shocking hypocrisy characterizing the UNHRC in testimony before the US House Committee on Foreign Affairs.

While the Council’s founders intended for the body to uphold the principle of human dignity for all, Neuer describes how brutal dictators like Libya’s ruthless leader Muammar Qaddafi hijacked the UNHRC over the years.

Countries like China and Russia, which frequently stifle dissent and freedom of speech, have been exempt from a single resolution or special session. Instead, both countries sit on the Council.

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