WATCH: Fatah Leader Describes Terrorists As Miracle Workers; Says Supporters Of Peace Not Real Palestinians

JERUSALEM  – A Central Committee member of Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas’ Fatah party praised terrorists who carry out stabbing attacks on Israelis, saying they “performed miracles” and adding that anyone who supports peace efforts with the Israelis is not a real Palestinian. 

“This people is greater than its leadership. The determination, willpower, and willingness to die for a dignified life are present among the youth who carried a knife after the disappearance of the Arab leadership, including the Palestinian. They performed a miracle by imposing a curfew within Israel with knives and rocks,” Abbas Zaki said.

He made his speech at a graduation ceremony held at the Palestinian Red Crescent headquarters in honor of the faculty of UNRWA Ramallah Women’s Training Center. UNWRA – the United Nations Relief and Works Agency – is a UN body specifically for Palestinian refugees. Both UNRWA and the Palestinian Red Crescent have hosted terror-promoting events as recently as April.

In the clip, which was exposed on Tuesday by Israeli NGO Palestinian Media Watch, Zaki also praised the parents of terrorists:

“Blessings to the mothers and fathers who gave birth to those who are marching on the path of light,” he said.

Zaki continued by slamming those who put their hopes in making peace, saying that anyone who “talks about renewing the relations with Israel is not a Palestinian and not a member of Fatah.”

Earlier this year, Danish Foreign Minister Kristian Jensen described both Abbas Zaki and the Fatah movement as “moderate.” In response, PMW authored a report documenting Zaki and the movement’s endorsement of terror during the recent wave of violence. The report resulted in a debate in the Danish parliament with Jensen dismissing the claims.


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