WATCH – Ex-Mossad Agent: Inside Israel’s Dramatic Hostage Rescue Operation at Entebbe

Israeli Defence Minister Shimon Peres (left) and Major Dan Shomron (second from left) with Israeli paratroops after the completion of Operation Entebbe, July 1976. The raid, commanded by Shomron, took place on 3rd July 1976 and resulted in the rescue, by Israeli special forces, of 100 hostages held at Entebbe …
Keystone/Hulton Archive/Getty

The BBC reports: Forty years ago, an Air France flight from Tel Aviv to Paris with more than 250 passengers and crew was hijacked before landing in Entebbe, Uganda.

Following a week-long hostage situation, during which some passengers were released, an operation by Israeli forces saw all the remaining people on board freed.

Now original items have been gathered to preserve the memory of the event.

Read more and see the video here


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