Israel Approves Fence Along Jordan Border to Prevent Infiltration of Jihadists

Israeli workers erect a new fence along Israel's border with Jordan in the Arabah valley, some 30 Kilometres north to the southern Israeli resort city of Eilat, on February 1, 2016.

i24 News reports:  The Israeli government has approved the construction of an additional section of fence along its border with Jordan, Haaretz reports.

The new part of the fence is set to run along the northern part of the Israel-Jordan border in the southern Golan Heights, close to where they join the Syrian border, in an attempt to keep out potential infiltrators from Islamic State and other militants.

Construction began on a separate length of border fence in the southern Negev in January this year, which when finished will be 30 kilometers (19 miles) long between the resort city of Eilat and the site of the Sands of Samar. When it was approved in June, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said it would be a continuation of the recently-built border fence along the Egyptian border.

According to Haaretz the plan for the new section of fence along the Jordanian border was initiated due to concern over potential cross-border terror attacks, such as “booby-trapped cars” or shootings.

Cooperation between Israel and Jordan has been growing as the Islamic State militant group continues to make additional gains in Iraq near the Jordan border, a senior source in the Jordanian Embassy in Israel said when the building of the fence was approved last year.

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