WATCH: Hotly-Anticipated ‘Wonder Woman’ Trailer With Israeli Actress Gal Gadot

TEL AVIV – The first trailer for the much-anticipated live-action “Wonder Woman” movie, starring Israeli actress Gal Gadot, was released to a cheering crowd at San Diego’s Comic-Con Saturday.

The preview, hailed as “epic” and racking up close to 7 million views on YouTube in less than a day, opens with the Amazonian warrior princess kneeling over Steve Trevor (Chris Pine).

“You’re a man?” she asks him, to which he replies: “Yeah, do I not look like one?”

Further on in the clip, Wonder Woman explains that she has no father. “I was brought to life by Zeus,” she says.

At one stage, the Amazonian warrior meets Trevor’s secretary Etta Candy played by Lucy Davis.

“What is a secretary?” Wonder Woman says.

“I go where he tells me to go and I do what he tells me to do,” Candy responds.

“Well where I’m from, that’s called slavery,” the heroine, played by the former Miss Israel, retorts.

At the Comic confab, Gadot and her cast mates discussed the significance of having a strong female lead in a superhero movie, a genre that generally tends to favor men in lead roles.

“Wonder Woman has the heart of a human and the strength of a goddess and combination of the two is very powerful,” Gadot said.

Earlier this year, she commented that she was grateful to be playing a character her four-year-old daughter could look up to.

“I am so happy I’m going to be the one who’s going to tell the Wonder Woman story,” she added.

“It’s such an important story. … But I also think it’s so important for girls — and boys — to have a female, strong superhero to look up to.”

“Wonder Woman” is scheduled for release in the summer of 2017.


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