Planned White House Vigil To Highlight Plight Of Egyptian Christians Comes Under Fire

christians in the middle east

JAFFA, Israel – Christian Egyptian-Americans have come under fire for their intention to stage a vigil opposite the White House highlighting the plight of their community in Egypt.

The planned protest, prompted by a string of attacks on Christians, was subject to much social media controversy, leading the Coptic Pope to ask the organizers to cancel it.

“I am against demonstrations and protests that harm Egypt and pit us against the leaders of our country, and embarrass us in front of them,” Pope Tawadros said. “Protests won’t help, because they hurt Egypt’s image internationally. We can deal with our problems here in Egypt.”

“For Jesus Christ’s sake, please avoid unwelcome activities in our US churches,” he added. “These demonstrations are very damaging. Things are different today than they were five or 10 years ago. We can’t cope with the events in the same way we did in the past. Blessings be to those who obey.”

The Pope’s remarks came after Egyptians accused the Copts of airing Egypt’s dirty linen abroad.

“The Copts abroad wish to protest in front of the White House,” Amina wrote. “It’s the same White House that never cared about Egypt and never condemned the attacks on it. Shame.”

Doaa tweeted: “The Copts abroad incite against Egypt. They aren’t much different from those living in Qatar and Turkey. All of them are traitors, none representing Egypt.”

Omar responded: “They’re all dirty. They have to understand that Egypt won’t bow its head, won’t crack, and won’t give up.”

“Our Christian brethren need to declare that they have nothing to do with the protests organized by the Copts abroad, opposite the White House, to turn the West against Egypt,” Zahda wrote.

A Christian user added: “Look at Pope Tawadros, condemning the Copts abroad and telling them they harm Egypt. Please stop this campaign that demonized them and equated them with the Muslim Brotherhood. Just stop it.”


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