British Jews

Jewish Groups Call for Vigilance After London Subway Terrorism

Jewish groups in the United Kingdom were united in their condemnation of a terrorist attack on a subway train in southwest London on Friday morning, in which 22 people were wounded by what Scotland Yard’s anti-terror squad described as an “improvised explosive device.”

Members of the emergency services work outside Parsons Green underground tube station in west London on September 15, 2017, following an incident on an underground tube carriage at the station. Police and ambulance services said they were responding to an 'incident' at Parsons Green underground station in west London on …

Corbyn’s Jewish Roots Claim A Lie Says Top Genealogist

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn does NOT have Jewish roots in his family lineage, according to the Jewish Genealogical Society of Britain. The news comes just weeks after the new party chief told the Church Times of his heritage, “Going back a

Corbyn’s Jewish Roots

British Orthodox Jewish Sect Bans Women from Driving

The British leaders of a major Jewish orthodox community have declared that women should not be allowed to drive. They have warned that, from August, children whose mother’s drive them to a community school will face expulsion. In a letter


London’s Jewish Communities Brace For Anti-Semitic Rally

Anti-Semitic and neo-Nazi groups have been using social media to promote a demonstration “against Jewish privilege” in London. In a deliberately provocative move, the rally is scheduled to take place at Golders Green, the heart of London’s biggest Jewish community,


Jews Flee Britain as Anti-Semitic Attacks Reach All Time High

Anti-Semitic attacks hit an all time high last year, more than doubling from the previous year’s total to hit 1,168 incidents in 2014. And as the Paris attacks of last month continue to reverberate, there are fears within the British


Majority of British Jews Think They Have No Future in Europe

The majority of Britain’s Jews believe that Jewish people have no long term future in Europe, and a quarter have considered moving away from Britain recently thanks to rising anti-Semitism, a new report has found. The study, by the Campaign

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