Jewish Temple-Era Gate Shrine Unveiled in Israel

israeli antiquities authority

Ynetnews reports: Archaeologists in Israel have unearthed a city-gate and shrine dating to the First Temple Era. An Israel Antiquities Authority (IAA) team headed by Sa’ar Ganor discovered the ruins in the Tel Lachish National Park.

“Tel Lachish was the most important city in Judea, after Jerusalem,” Ganor told Tazpit Press Service (TPS). “This is the biggest city-gate we have found in the Land of Israel.”

“The size of the gate is consistent with historical and archaeological data that indicates Lachish was a major city and the most important one after Jerusalem,” continued Ganor.

The city gate is approximately 24 by 24 meters in area and contains six chambers, three on each side of the main city street. Ganor said that the size of the gate, as well as the discovery of engraved benches, appears to match the Biblical narrative.

“The city gate was the place where ‘everything’ took place; City elders, judges, governors, kings and officials – everyone would sit on benches in the city gate,” explained Ganor.

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