Breitbart’s Aaron Klein: Battle for Aleppo Could Determine Future of Mideast

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“What happens in Syria in the coming days and weeks can define the future of the Middle East,” stated Breitbart’s Aaron Klein.

“It can define the future of the powerbrokers in the region… What is playing out…at the United Nations actually depends on what happens in these decisive battles in Aleppo.”

Klein was speaking on his Sunday night talk radio program, “Aaron Klein Investigative Radio,” broadcast on New York’s AM 970 The Answer and NewsTalk 990 AM in Philadelphia.  Klein, who doubles as bureau chief for Breitbart Jerusalem, explained the significance of Aleppo and how the fighting there represents various regional and world powers vying for control in the Middle East and beyond.

Listen to the full segment here:

Klein explained the different “sides” with strategic interest in Syria:

“On the one hand you have Russia and also of course Iran, [who are] partnered together and trying to pretty much rule the region. Something that President Obama kind of help with the Iranian nuclear deal. But now you’ve got Russia partnered with Iran using all sorts of Shiite proxies; meaning Hezbollah and of course also you’ve got the Syrian military involved in all of this. So that is one side.

And each side by the way has their own interests. Iran has its own power interests. Iran, with the Shiites, have their own religious fundamentalist beliefs about the Middle East and their own control. And then you’ve got secular Russia, which has its own power structure that they are trying to impose not just in Syria but throughout the Middle East. And if Syria falls and if Syria becomes controlled in the future by the Iranian/Russian axis, we are going to have a certain kind of Middle East that would be very, very different from what it is today. Although today it is chaotic and a powder keg.

“So you’ve got that. In other words, bad news and trouble on one side. Iran and Russia. Partnered with the Syrian military and with Hezbollah on the ground.

“And what’s amazing actually studying this is that the Iranians – the enemy of Western Civilization – partnered with the Russians, are actually fighting the other enemy of Western civilization. Which is the witches brew of jihadists that are being used, although I guess they don’t know it, on the ground in Syria as a fighting army for the other side.

“And what is the other side? Well you’ve got the Saudis. You’ve got Qatar, Kuwait and in some ways Jordan. And Jordan here is playing with fire, by the way, by arming the Syrian rebels. Including the not-so-moderate Syrian rebels allied with al-Qaeda; allied with the Muslim Brotherhood; allied with Islamic State… So Jordan is playing with fire.

“And then you’ve got the kingmakers of the Sunni empire, so to speak, if there ever will be one. Which is Turkey. Erdogan. Turkey, which has its own designs and its own religious belief system that they are trying to impose in Syria.”

Klein asserted that “both sides understand the significance of Aleppo.”

He continued:

“Understand that this is the determining battle. What happens in Aleppo will determine the future of Syria. Will determine in part, by the way, the future of who (are) the powerbrokers in the Middle East. So that’s why you’ve got some desperate sides who understand that time is of the essence. Who understand there is no cease-fire. There are no negotiations. There is no dialogue.

“Negotiations? Ceasefires? The power all takes place not …in the United Nations but on who has more control on the ground in Aleppo. In Syria. And then those actors – whether it is Turkey or whether it is it is the other side, AKA Russia and Iran – they are the ones who then would have significant power in diplomacy. So in other words what is playing out…at the United Nations actually depends on what happens in these decisive battles in Aleppo.

In the segment, Klein also explained the involvement of the U.S. and NATO, and he outlined the dangers mounting on Israel’s northern border with Syria.



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