WATCH: Anti-BDS Message Drives New Matisyahu Single


The Times of Israel reports: NEW YORK — It’s Thursday evening and Matthew Miller is exhausted. He woke up early in the morning prepared to take on a full schedule of appointments and interviews as Matisyahu, but ended up spending most of the day as Dad, having spontaneously accompanied his son’s kindergarten class on a field trip.

By sunset he has returned to Brooklyn to work on some music before rushing back to Manhattan, driving through hipster and Hasidic enclaves in Williamsburg on his way to a comedy show in Madison Square Garden.

Two years have elapsed since Matisyahu put out his last album, and it will be another year before the next one sees light. Meanwhile, having just released a new single “Love Born,” as well as anti-BDS song “Dodging Bullets” with rapper Kosha Dillz, he mainly keeps busy touring, as well as writing music and acting as his own manager.

He has realized his dream as Matisyahu, the mega-hit Jewish reggae artist. So, what now? Being a good dad. When Matisyahu dropped his son off at school in the morning, the teacher asked if he wanted to join the class on a field trip.

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