Palestinian Jihadi: Shooting at Canada Mosque ‘Proves’ Muslims Are Victims of Global Crusade

Canadian police officers respond to a shooting in a mosque at the Québec City Islamic cultural center on Sainte-Foy Street in Quebec city on January 29, 2017. Two arrests have been made after five people were reportedly shot dead in an attack on a mosque in Québec City, Canada. / …

JAFFA, Israel – Sunday’s deadly shooting attack against a mosque in Canada shows that Muslims are the victims of an international crusade, contended a Gaza-based former Islamic State militant in an interview with Breitbart Jerusalem.

Abu Baker Almaqdesi, who fought for IS in Iraq and Syria, claimed that Shi’ites and “treacherous” Muslim leaders are complicit in the alleged war that he claimed is led by the “infidel states.”

He made his comments despite the Islamic State’s actual crusade of murder and violence targeting Muslims, Christians and Jews who oppose the terrorist group’s campaign to create an extremist Islamic caliphate. And he offered his wild conspiracy theory even though a lone gunman was reportedly behind the mosque attack.

The Financial Times reported on the deadly rampage:

A French-Canadian university student has been charged with murder in connection with the mass shooting at a Quebec City mosque, an act that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau condemned as a “terrorist attack on Muslims”.

Alexandre Bissonnette, 27, was charged with six murder counts and five counts of attempted murder with a restricted weapon. Mr Bissonnette made a brief appearance in court on Monday under tight security wearing a white prison garment.

Six people were killed and five more remain in critical condition in hospital, after the fatal shooting during Sunday’s evening prayers in an Islamic cultural centre in the capital city of Canada’s French-speaking province.

“Attacks on mosques are nothing new,” Almaqdesi claimed. “Every day, the planes of the United States-led coalition bomb mosques and kill Muslim worshipers as well as Muslim homes, all under the pretext of fighting against terror.” He offered no proof for his allegations.

The mosque attack proves that the West “and predominantly America are the leaders of global terror and we need to unite against it because it kills Muslims in Syria, Iraq and Yemen on a daily basis.”

“Muslims are fending off a daily war of annihilation that is led by Crusader ideology,” he said before ranting about another conspiracy theory: “In addition to this systematic terror, there is a campaign seeking to sensationalize the killing of Crusaders by Muslims in acts of self-defense, as opposed to radio silence in the media when Muslims are killed by Crusaders. If terror exists, it’s the Christian terror that kills innocent people every day.”

The Canada mosque attack also featured heavily on Arab social media.

“Six Muslims were killed and eight were injured in a mosque in Canada,” Nadia tweeted. “Will anyone call for a war on Christian terror?”

Muhammad Zidan tweeted: “[Donald] Trump’s belligerent statements against Muslims led to the killing of six Muslims in a mosque in Canada and to the arson attack on another in Texas. Racism, extremism and terror.”

“Today’s act of terror in Canada killed our brethren after a shooting took place at a mosque in Canada,” Majed Turkstani tweeted. “Our media refuses to call it a terror attack. Is it because it wasn’t carried out by a Muslim?”

Voice of the Revolution tweeted: “Those who wait for the Arab and Muslim leaders to condemn the terror attack on a mosque in Canada are fools. These leaders kill their own people. All they can condemn is IS.”

“Do you really expect the Arab and Muslim leaders to condemn the terrorist attack on a mosque in Canada?” Apolitical tweeted. “These leaders are those who kill their own people. We only have Allah.”

He later tweeted: “Yesterday a mosque was set ablaze in America. Today worshipers are being murdered inside a mosque in Canada. We stand before an extremist Western terrorist group that is supported by Trump’s speech.”

Someone else tweeted: “One mosque is set ablaze in America, in another mosque in Canada there’s a shooting attack, and they still claim that the Muslims are terrorists and racists.”


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