Palestinian PM Ridiculed for ‘Lentils and Onion’ Diet Comments

Prime Minister Rami Hamdallah

Palestinian Prime Minister Rami Hamdallah came under fire this week for remaining defiant in the wake of reports of possible reductions in international aid.

At a press conference with United Nations Special Coordinator to the Middle East Peace Process Nikolay Mladenov, Hamdallah unveiled the Palestinian Authority’s new economic plan and said: “To those who think they can pressure us by cutting aid, I say: We will never give it up and if needed we will live on onion and lentils.”

Hamdallah was mocked by Palestinians on social media for echoing similar comments made by his archenemy, former Hamas Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh, who told his compatriots to make do with oil and za’atar.

“This government does realize that we’re sick of onion and lentils and sick of oil and za’atar,” Hani Ali tweeted. “It’s really a stupid government.”

He later tweeted: “I now hope that the factions don’t ask us to eat herbs, because then our menu will make us hesitate what to do.”

“The leadership in Gaza wants us to eat oil and za’atar, the leadership in the West Bank wants us to eat lentils and onion,” Mahmoud tweeted. “Is it possible that only the people eat meat?”

“What divisions are they talking about?” Mona Shtayya commented sarcastically. “In Gaza they’ll eat za’atar and oil and here in the West Bank we’ll eat onions and lentils.”

Loay Bragoothee tweeted: “Our leaders speak with resolve, their comments are fiery, their microphones golden, and that the people eat oil and za’atar, onions and lentils, that the people eat s**t.”

“Shall we eat whole or ground lentils?” Nihad tweeted sarcastically. “And what about the onions – regular ones or spring onions?”

A resident of Rafah wrote on Facebook: “The Palestinian national project is at a crossroads and about to undergo a fundamental change. From oil and za’atar, we’re about to go to the onion and lentils plan.”

“One wants us to eat oil and za’atar, the other lentils and onion,” Abou Younes tweeted. “Guys, has anyone said that we divide our time between McDonald’s and Kentucky [Fried Chicken]?”


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