Palestinian Official: ‘I Pray to Allah that Iran will Produce 1,000 Nuclear Bombs’

Salah Zawawi
AP/Vahid Salemi

The Times of Israel reports: The Palestine Liberation Organization’s envoy to Tehran said he hopes Iran will produce 1,000 nuclear bombs, adding that Israel is “truly terrified” of the Islamic Republic’s nuclear program.

Although he did not explicitly call for Iran to use a nuclear bomb against Israel, Salah al-Zawawi (pictured) told the Hezbollah-affiliated Lebanese television station Al-Manar in an interview on February 20 that “if Iran produces a nuclear bomb — and I pray to Allah that Iran will produce 1,000 nuclear bombs,” he hopes “it will be used to defend, at the very least, the Islamic Republic and its principles,” according to a translation by watchdog group MEMRI.

Iran has denied seeking to produce nuclear weapons and signed a 2015 agreement with world powers that puts in place limitations on its nuclear program. At the same time, the Islamic Republic has continued to develop missiles capable of carrying nuclear warheads and a number of senior Iranian officials have called repeatedly for Israel’s “annihilation,” including its supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei.

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