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Woman Claiming To Be Lover of Late Hezbollah Terror Leader Claims Assassination Was Inside Job

Mustafa Badreddine

Ynetnews reports: A video of a woman has surfaced on an anonymous YouTube channel claiming not only to be the lover of former Hezbollah military leader Mustafa Badreddine, but also that the terrorist leader was murdered by his own terror organization.

The explosive claims ostensibly lend credibility to the Israeli position that it had no part in the assassination. However, the revelation also brings up awkward questions for Hezbollah, chief of which being whether or not Badreddine’s killing was really an Israeli plot or an act of internal house cleaning.

The video purports to show a statement by a former lover of Badreddine, who was reported to be womanizer. In the statement, the unidentified woman claimed that Badreddine “knew that Hezbollah leadership wanted to kill him.”

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