Arab Social Media Users Hail Trump’s Syria Strikes, Criticize Obama Over Inaction

President Donald Trump prepares to speak at Mar-a-Lago, Thursday, April 6, 2017, in Palm Beach, Fla. (AP Photo/Alex Brandon)
AP/Alex Brandon

TEL AVIV – Some Arab opponents of Iran have taken to social media to celebrate President Donald Trump’s decision to carry out airstrikes Thursday night targeting a Syrian regime airbase allegedly utilized to launch a deadly chemical weapons attack.  Many of the social media users criticized former President Barack Obama for largely failing to act on the Syria issue.

“After what happened today [the American strike], we can shout ‘Allah curse Obama,'” one scoffed at former president Barack Obama.

Sharif Hijazi also attacked Obama: “How pathetic were you, Barack Obama.”

Though less enthusiastic about the strike, Ibrahim Almarei wrote: “In any event, the Middle East will not be in worse shape than what it was during Obama’s infamous presidency.”

“The cruise missile strikes were limited, but now the tables have turned,” Strategic Affairs tweeted. “Obama’s policy of sacrificing Syria to the Russians is over and the veto that protected Assad’s regime is no longer helpful.”

Fahad Alharbi wrote: “The condescension and pride of the criminal Putin are gone, and so is the Shi’ites’ audacity. The end of the tyrant Assad is nigh; Obama, your agent, is gone and Trump has come to educate you.”

“Trump did what Obama was unable to do in four years,” Muhammad Aluteibi wrote. “That’s the difference between a president who talks and a president who does. Allah, eradicate Assad.”

Sami wrote: “Trump is more ballsy and more reliable than Obama. We expect the Saudi Air Force to intervene, and bomb Assad’s palace and Hezbollah’s outposts.”

Responding to a report in the pro-Hezbollah network Almayadeen that Russia will seek to call an emergency United Nations Security Council meeting in response to the American strike, Abou Fahd tweeted sarcastically that the Iranians must be crying, “Save us, Abu Hussein Obama.”

“I’m dying to see the face of Uncle Obama who came up with a million excuses to avoid attacking Assad,” Feras Abdullah tweeted. “Strike them, Trump, we’re with you and you’ll never walk alone.”


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